how do you make mason butter?

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Answered: Is peanut butter good for you?

It is wholesome good. But I will not eat those from grocery store at all. (period) Only two ways to get your P.B. (1) Buy from heaalth food store. (2) make your own.

Answered: Is Peanut Butter Healthy?

Peanut Butter is healthy as long as you are not allergic to peanuts..and by the way..they are not a NUT..they are a legume ( bean) and that's fiber...

Answered: Can you make peanut butter? and if so how?

Use fresh roasted or salted peanuts. Use a bland oil (safflower or vegetable) Allow 1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons oil to 1cup peanuts. If nuts are unsalted, add salt to taste, about 1/2 teaspoon per cup. Some people use an electric blender to emulsify the peanuts. I prefer a food processor. Start out with ...

Answered: When did butter sculpturing start?

I would say that butter sculpturing is over a century old. However, the earliest documented butter sculpture dates back to around 1536. The 21st century saw these taking a more modern perspective started in the twentieth century.

Answered: Butter

There are 8 TBS. in 1 stick. And 5 and 1/3 TBS. is 1/3 cup - so you would need 1 full stick plus almost ½ of another to make 2/3 cups. Can you use softened butter and measure it in measuring cups? What are you making with it? Good luck!
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Butter in cookie dough

Butter is a fat. When used in baking, butter enhances the final outcome of your product; contributing to taste as well as texture (i.e., flaky pastry). Generally, it is best to use unsalted butter for baking so your product does not come out too salty. If you have none, you can go ahead and use ...

Can I substitute melted butter for melted butter flavored crisco?

I am pretty sure that substitute would be no problem at all. It's basically the same thing.

Mango Body Butter

Hi Jennifer, I get all of my butters from this online store called The good thing about them, is if you don't see what you're looking for, e-mail them, and they can customize your order!

If I bake (real)butter cookies today, 12/16, will ...

I believe they freeze well - I know I have frozen spritz in the past and it worked quite well.