How do you know you have a vocation to be a priest?

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Answered: Years ago there was a woman that accused a priest ...

There is not one atheist who has not wept and wailed crocodile tears, lying out her butt, on Oprah. Anyone stupid enough to stomach that propaganda is too stupid to call a human being -- and they all know that fact very well.

Answered: Not All Priests are Roman Catholic!

This is a No Brainer. The Catholic Cult came up with the Bible and Christianity. The other so called christians are all just protestors. King James had no right to go against Gods word. Protestants are just protestors. Unfortunately all Religions are a FARCE. But 52 old men wrote the bible. If gods ...

Answered: What are vocational skills

i go to a vocatinol school and the shoos range from construction tech to graphic communication some more are auto body, early education, and culenry cooking

Answered: What am ieligiable for from vocational rehabilation[N.C.]

Hello Elvis, I really don't have an answer to your question but have a suggestion. Ask them to help you get set up in a business of your own. Maybe they can help you find money to do that. Check out our site at You just might enjoy doing this business if you can ...

Answered: Vocational rehab

Counseling and a comprehensive residential drug treatment will be more appropriate to treat your addiction. Get some advises to your friends or love ones so it could motivate you to continue the recovery program until you are completely stable.

Answered: Why doesn't a diocesan priest have to take a vow of poverty ?

A Diocese is a large area usually at least a few parishes no poor man would want to lead over an office of such a large number of people most poor people by definition have only themselves to feed if they are lucky a priest in a diocese would almost have to be rich to take care of all his flock they ...
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Social Security Disability and Vocational Rehabilitation

SSD has a program called "Ticket to work" which allows you to work and receive benefits. I'm not sure about what it involves but goto SS website and do a search and it will tell what you need to know

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Don, well I am glad to hear that your search worked out well.

Should Catholic Priests marry?

Yes, Catholic priests should marry BUT NOT as a means to avoid pedophilia, rape, and other "promiscuity." Pedophilia is a disease, rape has nothing to do with sex, and the other ills associated with priests have to do with themselves. Part of the reason for these scandals on the part of some priests ...

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