how do you know when a person is dying from dementia?

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Answered: What is the longest recorded time a person died and came back to life?

Jesus was dead for millions of years before he came back as a braindead zombie. That's why only brain dead zombies worship him.

Answered: Dementia

Stages of dementia can be entered into slowly over time, or more quickly, like you describe here. I would make sure that she has a complete check-up and see if you can get her on medication to slow the progress if it isn't too late.

Answered: Personal injury lawyer

There are lots of lawyers around but it's hard to find one that is really reliable. Here's one I can say I can rely on for my legal supports

Answered: What is the max i can sue for in federal court on personal injury in st

There have been multi-million dollar lawsuits filed. If you are totally disabled from an injury you might be in that category, counting lost wages and future medical expenses. An attorney can tell you if there are limits on awards for pain and suffering, or what kind of awards are possible.
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