how do you know is you have blockage in your arteries?

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Answered: Does anyone know the effects of a carotid blockage effects as to which

One of the common effect carotid blockage is the vision effect - if a blockage in the carotid artery affects the flow of blood to parts of the brain that control sight, loss or damage to vision may occur. The Mayo Clinic warns that vision side effects of a carotid artery blockage can occur ...

Answered: Arterial Plaque removal

Antioxidants, fish oil, eating lots of fiber are just some things you can do to try and reverse plaque. Also use healthy oils like olive, peanut or the coconut oil and avoid all bad fats. If nutritional deficiency continues, arteries get weaker and plaque builds up. Flossing everyday is a crucial ...

Answered: Distinguish between elastic arteries, muscular arteries, and arterioles

If this is for a bio class, then it should be in your textbook and I'm wondering why you haven't just opened that up, because it is in there... Anyway, here is a basic overview: There are three types of arterial blood vessels: (1) elastic arteries, (2) muscular arteries, and (3) arterioles ...

Answered: Hardened arteries

hello yeahright love that...Anyway, my humble opinion says to you, yeahright that anything in excess is usually bad in the end. Ask your dr. if you could do it occassionally since you like it so much. Then it will be like a treat to you and you'll appreciate it even more.

Answered: Which one is more dangerous, blockage of an artery or blockage of a vein

Both can be very dangerous depending on the location of the blockage. To say one or the other is more dangerous can only be decided by a doctor. And the size of the blockage is of major importance. A small blockage in a vein in the leg would not compare to a small blockage in an artery feeding the ...
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Can your doctor hear a blockage with just his ...

Given the fact that you don't mention if you have other medical problems and I am assuming that your doctor knows your medical history, I would think your doctor knows what he is talking about. However if you don't feel comfortable with the answer you got if it was me, I would seek a second opinion ...

Blockage in the colon

her pcp found nothing. she is still in extreme pain after the cscopy. I told her to see a gatro doc and she made an appointment for Monday at the soonest.

If my artery is already partway clogged, how do I unclog it on my own?

You don't. Medications might help some of it, but eventually you'll likely have to have surgery.

Could a Lap Cholecystectomy cause a problem with my Inferior Epigastic

I'm not a doctor so I really don't know. I'd suggest speaking directly with your doctor about your concerns. Good luck.