how do you know if your groupon has been redeemed?

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Answered: Groupons how to roll a groupon

Save your money and offer your own Groupon-style deal with the help of your existing customers. Who knows best who the next best customer (prospect) is for your business? It's your current customers. Offer them an incentive--such as a great discount--to refer their family, friends, and colleagues to ...

Answered: Redeem gift card 07675003710 308432 26468 1157425 9---- value

O for crying out loud! How are we supposed to know?

Answered: Do you use Groupon?

yes i deal with groupon and obviously it is very helpful.It brings you new information.Also i get information about groupon from the site You can also try this.

Answered: Has your opinion of Groupon changed?

"Many viewers didn’t take well to the image of an infant smashing into a window, and the company was overwhelmed with complaints." Daily Deals
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