how do you hook up your dvd player to your digital transport adapter?

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Answered: Digital tv signal to dvd player

just visit to know about it

Answered: DVD Player/VCR Combo vs. DTV Set-Top Converter Box -- Problem

Common problems happen when you overloooked cords at the back or your devices. Check audio inputs and verify if they are properly placed. Electrical appliances need to be checked especially their cords.

Answered: Are there any DVD players that also play Blu-Ray?

Copy your personal media from DVDs, Blu-Ray, and/or YouTube to be able to play on iPod, Cell phones, Computers, iPhone and Apple Tv. Converts 1 in 10 visitors, see affiliate page for proof!

Answered: Online Shopping

What a crock, Emmana. Buy from Amazon or a brick and morter store. These things often have problems. I simply don't trust most websites. Especially, ones that utilize spammers.

Answered: Hooking up external speakers

You will need to run a cable into a receiver first and then power the speakers with the receiver. You can't directly power speakers with the DVD player. You can accomplish this by attaching an RCA cable between the DVD stereo ouputs (red and white connctors on the back) to the RCA stereo inputs ...

Answered: How to install a car DVD player? I bought one a ...

Well, you didn't tell the car brand. different kinds of auto has different installation guide. so,here is a link that shows kinds of car dvd player installation guide.such as installation guide for audi,benz,toyota,ford,honda,vw,bmw,ect.
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I was afraid that it was going to be complicated. I have my connections drawn out on paper, so they should be able to help. Thank you for the feedback. M.B.

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I think that it means it plays all of the different zones. Zone 1, zone 2 and zone 3.

Will a region 1 dvd player bought in the usa work in the uk?

it's easy to get one portable DVD player . See:

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