how do you hang yourself on a doorknob?

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Answered: Can Anyone Help with Deadlatch Retracting Problems on Doorknob set?

Mary- If you mean a deadbolt, then, no, you must move it with the knob. If your are referring to the latch, then yes, it should retract as it hits the strike plate. One thing that you could try is to loosen the screws that hold the doorknob on. This might make it work. A new doorknob is $10-15 ...

Answered: What can I do about my AOl email hanging and will not let me view my

Hi Jacques: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Why am I not able to read email in AOL Mail?

Answered: How can I hang a picture on a glass surface

I believe they sell suction cup hangers for this purpose.

Answered: Oil that goes in Hanging lamp

Hanging lamps have a long wick that goes into a container of oil. You let the wick soak for a day or so and capillary action draws the oil to the top of the wick. Hanging lamps might only be a few inches tall and they usually burn kerosene. Usually kerosene lanterns are safe to use but if you ...

Answered: Outside hanging on trees

Christopher Street N.Y.C.

Answered: All about watering hanging baskets when you are not able to do it

If you have mobility or other physical problems, there are tools available to help. If you cannot water because you will be out of town, I suggest you recruit a neighboring teen to do the job (for a small fee, of course). Here is a web site with information on gardening with physical limitations ...
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Evidently a number of german resistance fighters were hanged in a variety of ways. In all cases, the noose was put on, then rather than dropping the person (so as to snap the neck) they were hung on hooks so that a slow, painful strangulation took place. In several instances, full cinematic crews ...