How do you get Tier 3 in DAOC Trifecta?

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Answered: Tier cake

Place base tier on a sturdy base plate of three or more thicknesses of corrugated cardboard. For heavy cakes, use masonite or plywood. Base can be covered with Fanci-Foil Wrap and trimmed with Tuk ‘N Ruffle or use Ruffle Boards. Each tier of your cake must be on a cake circle or board cut to fit ...

Answered: Am HSMP dependent , iwould like to apply to seperate Tier 1 visa , can i

Hi, Yes you can apply for a Tier 1 Visa for yourself right from UK.

Answered: Gneral idea before opting for Tier 1 HSMP

1. Yes. It is mandatory for you to submit your passport along with your application. That is where the visa is stamped. 2. Yes. You can show 2 different bank accounts for both funds maintenance and Previous Earnings. However it would be better (in terms of keeping your application simple and less ...

Answered: How long can one stay outside the UK on Tier 1 visa ?

There is no restriction on how long you can stay outside UK in order to get re-entry on your current HSMP/T1 visa. However if you stay outside UK for a long period, your ILR/PR & Citizenship might become an issue. In order for you to be able to apply for citizenship, the following rules apply ...

Answered: 2nd tier Search Engine?

In earlier days there are very few search engine to use. After Google the best 2nd tier search engines are advertise and Bingad, TrafficVance are the best two tier search engines after Google.
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