how do you get thermold mags into mag lock?

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Answered: Can a tire be switched from standard wheels to Mag wheels at anytime?

As long as they're the right size to fit the wheels, yes.

Answered: Questions about 45 grizzly win mag Is 45 win ...

Yes, I am not aware of any other ammo that will chamber correctly.

Answered: Browning 300 mag made in belgium. I have one. model#77115m9 how do I

That is an easy one.Just go to your public Library.They have a book on gun values that all the gun stores use when they buy guns from people.All of Brownings gun barrels are made in Belgium.Winchester,Smith & Weson,Benelli,and Weatherby shotguns are made in Belgium.Just the receivers and the stocks ...

Answered: What is a Mag daddy?

Mag Daddy is a Universal Automtive Fastener Product line, These fastener work on any car no matter the make or model. Its a perfect product for any auto body job.

Answered: I need a mag for PIETRO BERETTA 7.65 1934

The 7.65 is Model 1935 (.32) Model 1934 is the 9mm version. I ordered from Ammoclip: They were after-market and too large. A gunsmith said he'd have to remove 60% of the metal to make them work. Good luck finding anything original. JS Saint Paul ...

Answered: Which is better a 9mm or a 357 mag gun

well it all depends what you are using the gun for the 357 mag gun is more for hunting and the 9mm is for safty
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Why do incoming E mags go to trash?

Hi John: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Why are emails missing, or showing up in my Old, Recently Deleted or Trash folders?

Cylinder Locks

the mech inside is probably broken. Call a locksmith

Can 44 mag. ammo be shot in 45 long colt rifle?

So the answer is yes. Aren't you glad that our resident gun guru told you the reason that it is a bad idea? Great answer, B!

Looking for a .S&W .44 Mag , good shooting .45 acp or .40 acp

that would depend on the shooter, Ammunition used. Type of firearm used as you couldn't expect a bersa to be as accurate as a Smith & Wesson, Glock, Para ordenance or a sig sauer, caliber has nothing to do with accuracy as long as the shooter is Proficient with the gun used. Someone thats a pro with ...