how do you get out of vampire lord form in skyrim?

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Answered: I want to know if vampires are real! I want to be turned! How can I

Vampires are real, we are walking among humans and other "mythical" creatures. Don't believe the people who tell you they don't exist.

Answered: Vampires; real or fake?

Vampires truly exist. Romanian history records that there is an enclave of the undead that includes Vlad Tepic. We consider him a hero for ridding us of the Turks. His methods were gruesome (if not terrorist) but they worked. Vlad the Impaler really was a vampire. However, the trait runs only ...

Answered: Are there any vampires out there who are 13-19 who want to talk to me

Self harm, you mean attempted suicide? I know depression can bring on those suicidel thoughts. I also suffer from depression, but I have been helped by medication and a complete change in my outlook on life. The help didn't come overnight. It took awhile, but am I ever thankful that I went ...

Answered: I want to know if there are any vampires who are my age willing to talk

I read the book. No neither word means anything to me. I can't remember and I can't remember. And I think so but I'm not 100% sure.
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HOw can we meet vampires? Are they harmful to humans? how can a human

First your probably already met alot of vampires they just don't trust you enough to tell you what they are. Second, if the vampire you met was harmful to humans you would already be dead but no most vampire won't hurt a human unless provoke. We make good friend with humans really. Third, you'd have ...

Talk ta vampire

i am willing to chat with you. my name is safina rose and i am a vampire.

Why do ppl like vampires???

People have long been drawn to the mystery and romanticism of the vampire legends. Part of the attraction has to do with the undeniable sexual undertones of the vampire life- the creature of the night, the sucking of the blood, the swoon of seduction. All this made for pretty intense reading a ...

Whats a good or a bad vampire name

Good names: Dante, Gorio, Vuklar, Nythul Bad names, like, really really bad names: Igor, Jim, Timothy, Buffy :) Salutations from