How do you find out if your been indicted?

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Answered: Indictments

Indictment depends on the offense, the suspect and the judge. Some offenses have a minimum-maximum limits, but the courts aren't forced to indict anyone.

Answered: How long does dallas county have to indict a person following their

i can only say what they do in massachusetts, but our courts cover up to 6 city's then they go to the worst crimes first, then they continue going down the list getting the worst crimes first next to the worst so on. this state uses the grand jury before handing down an inditment (accusation) you ...

Answered: LMAO!! Grand Jury Indictment

Dude, that is so funny. Does this guy even know anything about the law? The only way anything here would end up in a court of law would be in a civil suit and they don't do grand juries for civil cases. Besides, if they convened a grand jury every time someone on Facebook, Twitter or AOL got their ...

Answered: Your view about the John Edwards indictment?

Guess No One took Note that their Daughter Stood at Her Fathers Side at All Times, .. Did it Ever "Occur" to Anyone that they May Have had an arrangement with her knowing her nearing Death.. Sweet G 6/12

Answered: How to discredit a witness?

Hi MEA. The best way is to dig up every bit of incriminating evidence you can on them, gather witnesses to back up your evidence.. and you all start spilling the beans to your Lawyer. Let the Lawyer handle the rest.

Answered: What does indicted by information mean in ohio

Just what it says. When an indictment is handed down by a court or way of an arrest warrant on the basis of evidence provided without the physical person needing to be being available.
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Why does a prosecutor have you indicted?

It has come to the DA's attention (usually from detectives) that certain evidence points to a subject as probable cause to arrest, detain and interrogate as a suspect.

When and who will Charge, Indict, Prosecute ...

You liberal loons will try .Have some Kool-aid .

Why wasn't clinton indicted for lying to congress?

Why wasn't Nixon indicited for being a crook..?

How long do you have to indict someone in new york ...

Samantha, your best option is to hire an attorney and not rely on the court-appointed attorney. However, even with a good attorney, and I hate to be the one to say this, but if you broke the law, you might not have any other choice but take whatever it is the court gives you.