how do you figure dimensions of 2000 sq ft bldg?

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Answered: Shed sizes

Hey Eva or Sonny - OronD is right, it really could be any size. I found a solid tool to help choose a shed size some time ago. It allows you to choose the items you want to put in, rather than basing it just on size. It's branded, but the sizes are pretty generic if you'd like to buy some other ...

Answered: I have a 100+ yr. old home and it's only 800 sq ...

Hello again...sorry to not get right back to you on this and sorry we are about 850 miles away or would love to give you estimate...have family in Indiana and will ask if they could recommend anyone with this expertise and at your price...let me chk it out for you.

Answered: How to figure cost of a foundation on a manufactured home

Here are the dimensions and costs for the foundation for a 1700 sq ft modular home: modular home foundation costs .

Answered: What does 300 sq ft of land look like?

300 square feet could be a garden plot 15' x 20', or it could be a strip 4' x 75'.

Answered: What size screws on a Polar FT2 heart rate watch

Eddie- I doubt seriously that anyone is going to know this right off of the cuff. You would have a much better chance at contacting the manufacturer.
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TIME REQ. to paint 540 sq. foot RM.?

Brush, roller or sprayer? How much masking do you have to do? Ceiling, too? One coat or two? Don't ask a question unless you're willing to give some details.

How much should biweekly housecleaning cost for a 2000 +/- sq. ft. house

Are toilets included? Windows? Do non-human animals inhabit this dwelling? I would not pay anyone over $15.00/hr to clean where I stay, and they would not smoke inside or out.

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