how do you discourage a woodpecker?

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Answered: How can we discourage woodpeckers from damageing a ...

What if you purchased a bird feeder and offered it as an alternative?

Answered: What is the largest type of woodpecker in Florida?

Thanks for the information on the Pileaated Woodpecker. We saw one last week and were stumped. Appreciate your prompt response.

Answered: How to stop woodpeckers from damageing your house?

spray for bugs. You have ants or termites that the woodpeckers are going after.

Answered: Woodpeckers

Let's not forget Woody!!

Answered: What is the largest woodpecker?

The Imperial Woodpecker, if there are any left. The Imperial Woodpecker is officially listed as Critically Endangered (possibly extinct) by theIUCN and BirdLife International . However, the last confirmed report was of one female in Durango in 1956 and the species is probably now extinct. The ...
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Woodpecker in siding

believe it or not, all you have to do is hang a balloon next to the hole and the bird will leave and never come back. I've seen this work