how do you defeat rancid the racoon?

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Answered: Sixty-nine years of humiliating defeat.

Tadpole has tried to deviate the discussion from leftists and welfare fraud. It is still their preferred way of life, leaching off the taxpayers. What will they do if they succeed in destroying the US Government, which is their sole means of support? Remember that the Democrats shut down the ...

Answered: Racoon stuff

would u happen to know if theres any laws in florida on feeding wild racoons we now have 2 thats have been hit and killed by a racing truck up and down our road are we doin more hzrm than good

Answered: Does my racoon have tick fever

Get a vet. Rabies isn't that horrible to treat these days, but it's still not terribly pleasant. Here's something to think about. I know raccoons are cute as hell. They also suffer one of the highest rates of rabies of any wild animal. You should NEVER handle a wild animal that appears sick. NEVER ...

Answered: He who laughs last, laughs best..

Hilary Clinton? After that horrible concussion and resultant stroke? She was out of office 28 days because of that and has never recovered. The Democrats would only elect a corpse. Of course, only tombstones vote Democrat so it makes perfect sense.
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You should call the local SPCA and ask them who would be the best to call in this type of situation. They may tell you to phone the fire department or they may give you the contact number for another organization that would be better to call.

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Why does Renner's name go to Mike Dykes Facebook profile page. That means Mike Dykes is posting under the alias Renner. Mike Dykes posted as Rocmike. The order of Rocmike aliases that posted for over 9 nonstop hours was , Justice, Ignorant, justice and Renner. What is wrong with this lonely loser.