how do you defeat balam in majin and the forsaken kingdom?

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Answered: Sixty-nine years of humiliating defeat.

Tadpole has tried to deviate the discussion from leftists and welfare fraud. It is still their preferred way of life, leaching off the taxpayers. What will they do if they succeed in destroying the US Government, which is their sole means of support? Remember that the Democrats shut down the ...

Answered: Can we live in sin and still do kingdom works?

No. You cannot embrace sin and expect to please God no matter what else you do.

Answered: He who laughs last, laughs best..

Hilary Clinton? After that horrible concussion and resultant stroke? She was out of office 28 days because of that and has never recovered. The Democrats would only elect a corpse. Of course, only tombstones vote Democrat so it makes perfect sense.

Answered: What is the lesson that the story about the nail and the kingdom tries to

This is the oldest statement I know of that tries to explain what is now called "The Butterfly Effect", a facet of chaotic mathematics/physics aka Chaos Theory.
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No, John, you're insane. Or more properly demon-possessed!

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