How do you convert from Dynamic load to static load?

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Answered: Whats the difference between static and dynamic allocation?

Static allocation is fast, but set in stone. Dynamic allocation is slower, but you can grab varying chunks.

Answered: What is the difference between static and dynamic models?

Static Modeling is used to represent the structural constituents of a software system but Dynamic Modeling is used to represent the behavior of a structural constituents.

Answered: How to convert dynamic to basic hard drive without ...

And use Dynamic Disk Converter to convert dynamic to basic hard drive more easily. detail info please see:

Answered: Take static out of clothes

Not a problem. It helps to know a few things when fiances are tight for us young'n. (Newly wedded and started out) (Plus the ecomony is crap)

Answered: I am taking a Dynamics class. It has been at ...

1 Trillion dallors 1 dollars bills 1.1 million tons 22 billion pounds 100 dollar bills 11 thousands tons 2.2 million pounds If you stacked a trillion $1 bills (US) on top of each other, you'd form a stack that reached a quarter of the way to the moon--the stack would be nearly 70 ...

Answered: What is difference between dynamic and static web pages?

You can actually read the definition in the web and compare the two. Kindly check these links from Wikipedia.
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Just find the music folder about your media player and drag the mp3 files to itunes.