hOW DO YOU CONNECT A Sharp HT-SL70 2.1 Surround Sound Bar Home Theater System?

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Answered: Does anyone here have a home theater system ...

Depending on your budget, there are alot of options w/a variety of surround sets.. I shopped my components separately on Amazon & got some pretty good deals.. I should have spent a few more dollars on a better speaker selection, but still the way to go for movies & such!! Amazon is great because it ...

Answered: Surround sound connections! HELP ME PLEASE.

Determine what kind of inputs your TV accepts. You can either use composite, component, or S-video to connect the surround sound to your television. If you are unsure of which connection you have, match the color or shape of the connections on your television with the connections on the system ...

Answered: “which one sounds better? Klipsch HD Theater 1000 or energy Micro 5

Don't really care for either one, but if pushed I'd go with the Klipsch. My reason for not liking them is not based on quality issues, just personal preference. Klipsch is good quality.

Answered: Sharp brain waves in healthy brain

So she spent the night at the hospital and instead of asking the doctor, you come to AOL instead? Brilliant.

Answered: Divinci d7 proffessional home theater surround

Did you have a adress or phone number cause I need a remote comtrol for my divici D-7 powered Home theater or the universal remote controle divinci name include. Thank you and have a nice day.

Answered: Can you hook up surround sound system to older TV

I guess it'll gonna work, for as long as they are somewhat compatible. Its''really necessary to identify things before purchasing one. Good thing you asked them. Sometimes test equipment are used to know if devices are okay to be connected with the other devices.
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My surround sound does not work on my sharp tv

Upgrade your speakers. It’s probably best to go for an all-in-one system. This gives you the advantage of less equipment under your TV and saves you the hassle of shopping for an amplifier and speakers. If, however, you might want to change your speakers then it’s best to buy a separate amplifier ...

Surround sound help. I cannot figure out how to hook up my surround sound

Connect your TV cable wires to the receiver box. Make sure they are in the right outlet. But if you will experience some problems, you can ask help to your technician. Usually they also do have this test equipment to check your devices.

Surround Sound System Question

If you have a receiver with switching you can hook everything into the corresponding input on the back such as "satelite". Then run the output to your TV or whatever else you are sending signal to. You should be able to hook the cable box, DVD player etc all into the receiver and use the internal ...

How to watch internet tv on my home tv

You will need a cable from your computer to the TV you plan to use and your video card will need to be able to supply the format. This is usually done on a HDTV set with a VGA or DVI cable. Selby