how do you compare the wing of a penguin to the flipper of a dolphin?

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Answered: Dental Flippers

Hi Allison, These are called "snap-on teeth". Type that term into your web browser's search area and you will find many web sites offering these, however they can be costly. They are meant to be temporary or transitory.. usually used for actors.

Answered: Do penguins have knees?

no the answer is

Answered: Do dolphins have lungs?

The teams does. One set per player, plus ancillary folks and the coach! Oh, you meant the MAMMALS! Sorry, my bad. Yes. Mammals. Mammals have lungs. They breathe air.

Answered: Endangoured Penguins

Hi Cheryl, There are 5 species of endangared Penguins in that order: The African Penguin (the most), the Yellow-eyed Penguin, the Fiordland Penguin, the Magellanic Penguin and the Humboldt Penguin. Here you can find more information. Best regards,

Answered: Compare Xerox WorkCentre 7535P to Sharp MX-3110N

There is no comparison. Fuji/Xerox color machines are far and away the best you can get. I have technical experience on both brands. Sharp offers low acquisition cost while Xerox offers the features and quality you won't find on other brands. Xerox quality costs more however, their service and ...
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I agree with bonestructure, and to Hayden, I say HIP HIP HORAY! If we don't all get involved and fight for the rights of animals everywhere, the slaughter will continue. Man is the most vicious beast of all, and the animal kingdom must be protected from these monsters. I applaud her fight to ...

How do penguins protect their young?

Though both penguin parents share the task of caring for their young, the task does quickly become more than they can keep up with. Many kinds of penguins gather their young together into creches (like a nursery) as soon as they begin to walk. This allows both parents to go off for food without thee ...

Maria's queshton!!!

Hi, For most species the average lifespan, in the wild, is 15 - 20 years. However it is known that some individuals live much more. Best regards,