how do you clean wax off of wood baseboard?

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Answered: Why wood shavings is more preferred for animal bedding ?

Because 1) wood shavings with good absorbency properties ,they will absorb the moisture/water quickly,especially animal's urine,healthy 2)Poultry pens and livestock stalls is easy and economic for cleaning ,the shavings can be reused. 3) The shavings is soft,comfortable as bedding 4)Shavings are ...

Answered: Carpet cleaning tips

Here I got something interesting while browsing through the internet. One of the best tips for carpet cleaning, you must check it out

Answered: Removing candle wax

If your material will handle it, pouring boiling water through the cloth is the fastest most complete solution. Hold it tight over the sink or place the section flat in a colander and pour hot water directly on the spot. Wax runs through with the hot water. Keep doing it until completely gone. We ...

Answered: I need to clean a waxed leather chair that has been in storage and is

Clean with a mild soap and water solution like 'Dove' Or ' Ivory'. Reconditioning using one of the carseat products may be done after chair has completely dried.

Answered: I have a white wax (wedding) candle that I used at ...

it depends whats on it. Dirty with what, you should be able to use warm water on a cloth and wipe it down. Again depending what's on, it should just melt in the wax.

Answered: Wood stove draft problem

If it's installed correctly, the draft fan should solve your draft problem. The very best ones I've seen are have two speeds. The fan runs at very low RPM to give just enough airflow to keep your fire going and the combustion gas going up the chimney. When there is a call for more heat, the fan ...
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