How do you clean nicotine off the walls?

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Answered: Carpet cleaning tips

Here I got something interesting while browsing through the internet. One of the best tips for carpet cleaning, you must check it out

Answered: What to use for a very heavy wall texture?

That'll work on a light wall, too. Bubba

Answered: Stands and wall Brackets online shopping

You can purchase it from some Online Stores:

Answered: Best way to clean textured walls in my home

I think plaster. The stuff they spray on and then knock off. It has been painted with a satin paint.

Answered: How to clean dust off walls and ceilings

I am going to be difficult and say that I would firstly use the vacuum and then possibly a mop this is close to dry or you could use a lambs wool duster that is also just damp enough to attract the dust.
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Consider renting & using a pressure washer, if there's a tool rental place near you. Add a shot of chlorine bleach to the liquid, if you can do it legally. Bleach will help kill the fungus. Watch out for plants or shrubs you DON'T want to kill, bleach will harm them if it comes in contact with ...

Which one is reliable cleaning company in montreal

Hey David. I know one best cleaning company which provides the best Carpet Cleaning in Stuart Florida .They provide the best cleaning services at affordable prices.

Our apartment's walls are painted white and we ...

Paint with a satin or semi-gloss finish is much easier to wash.

How to clean hot tub filters?

I usually change the filters every three months as the filter cover says “Do Not Attempt to clean this filter on it. You change them every 3 months. ” . Still I have some ideas with using TSP solution for this. You can just soak the filters in the solution(spa chemicals ) and leave overnight. After ...