how do you cite a quote from bartlett's familiar quotations?

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Answered: "Streaming Quotes".

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You do not buy life!! Eternal life is a FREE GIFT, paid for by Jesus’ literal, physical, precious blood (1st Peter 1:18,19; Hebrews 9:12). The Bible warns all believers that Satan is a liar of liars, who relentlessly attempts to deceive people concerning THE SIMPLICITY THAT IS IN CHRIST… “For ...

Answered: Answer quote

History requires that we be balanced and disciplined as we approach it. These are the things that people have done, and why they did so. Extremists might try to abuse history for their personal agenda, as we saw of Nostradamus and Hitler. Nostradamus predicted Hitler accurately, and Hitler tried ...

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When a single entrance of joy and happiness closes, a second opens up; yet most people start looking particularly long toward the sealed entrance door so we tend not to notice front door which has unveiled for all Best Change Quotes

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Answered: What does the quote

It means you're performing quite well.
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It is a line from the film "2012" and was probably coined by Roland Emmerich & Harald Klaser. (the writers/producers)

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wisdom tell me I'm nothing, love tell me I'm everything, and between the two my life flows...

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yeddascott's answer and my answer are actually the same (you can try and see that both ways give you the same search results). yeddascott's way is faster, mine is easier to commit to memory (in my opinion, at least).

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When injustice becomes law, defiance becomes duty." Patrick Henry, in reference to the injustices of the British. We have remedied those injustices, therefore, leftists have absolutely no excuse for their blind and mindless hatred of all that is decent. Since all leftists are violent criminals ...