how do you ask someone what is wrong with them?

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Answered: What e-mail does "Ask AOL" want from me? and How do I obtain a "Diabetes

Use your own email address for AOL Answers. Here's a web site for a downloadable Diabetes Self-Care Diary:

Answered: Wrongful dismissal case

Better to tackle it and not let them get away with it because it will follow you, not them

Answered: Straight male my lesbian best friend asked for my sperm

Tell her she has to extract it herself.

Answered: Wrongful death

Statute law about wrongful death is quite specific and is a field of law unto itself. Contact an attorney whose training is in that field of law.

Answered: I just received a bill from nexflix which I have ...

It is probably "phishing", someone pretending to be netflix, trying to get you to enter payment information. AOL did not originate the email. You can mark it as Spam.

Answered: My comment---this ask a question board is totally ridiculous

Leftists have always been ridiculous. Obscene might be a better word. They always fail at calculus. I'd rather be a right-wing physics nerd.
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To love somebody is beautiful. To soffer a lifetime is bad. You have to make a choice!

Is it wrong for a man to ask a woman to stop working and let him support

It's not wrong, per se, but it's quite uncouth and chauvinistic. It also may be a sign that he wants her to depend completely on him so he can control her. That can be one of the first signs of abuse. Or it could be he is hopelessly old fashioned and believes a woman's place is in the home. Either ...