how do you adjust a clutch on a 1997 Nissan Pickup?

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Answered: Production figures for 1982 datsun pickup trucks with the sd22 diesel

Another related question is how many had 4x4 four-wheel-drive, and how many had the king-cab. I have a short-cab 2-wheel drive and long for the taller setup.

Answered: Where is clutch located?

between the engine and the gearbox.

Answered: I need to change the pickup person

Come on, LR. Don't you know there's something about a pickup man?

Answered: Where can I find a Webster University1997 Fall Academic Calendar?

Common sense would dictate that the starting point would be Webster University. I'm sure they must have a phone there and maybe they even have that new fangled electronic mail thingy.

Answered: Integrity Adjustable Beds

I think sofa beds are one the best furniture in the recent days it has multiple advantage it can be used as sofas as well as beds , Most of sofa beds are portable that can carry easily from one place to another .
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It's just a suggestion or idea about repair services.

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Why is clutch so important?

Baby Girl, since you do not have a drivers' license (much less a Class A- Combination CDL, then the use of a clutch would never concern you. I suggest that you learn to drive with an automatic. The reference for that is with every Department of Licensing, free of charge, and that is OFFICIAL.

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you might try to get them to 32.00 but yes its a good deal even at full price. i own a 95. with 325,000 mi. i love it.