How do you activate "Enable UAC" on Windows XP?

How do you activate "Enable UAC" on Windows XP?

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Answered: Enable DVD autoplay

No doubt you have sorted this by now, autoplay can be accessed by typing in autoplay in the search box where the windows logo is on the bottom left of the screen (Vista and windows 7) Once in autoplay make sure the check box is ticked ' use autoplay for all media and devices ' you then have ...

Answered: The big thing that I am missing is the 'go to desktop' or show desktop

on the very right hand side of your Task Bar you'll see a small vertical rectangle shaped area, just to the right of the clock. hover your mouse over it to hide all open windows and see the desktop. Click on it to minimise all open windows Over 10 Hours FREE Microsoft Office Online Training ...

Answered: Windows xp administrator

User Account Control safeguards your computer against hackers and protects it against malicious software. The tool prompts the user for the permission, if any application wants to make any changes to your computer.

Answered: Windows XP Display

I reinstalled my OS and was able to get my display back. I did not fully upload all my drivers and other software and that was one reason my resolution was off after reinstalling my OS. I

Answered: What to watch out for when ordering windows xp? I ...

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Answered: How do I reboot to read my d drive in windows xp?

Press restart--when windows starts go to My Computer--click Drive D properties--should see Disc Cleanup and amount of space used.
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What is included with windows xp software?

Windows XP SP includes all previously released Windows XP updates, including security updates and hotfixes, and select out-of-band releases. Microsoft is not adding significant Windows Vista functionality to Windows XP through SP Further, Windows XP SP does not include Windows Internet Explorer 7 ...

How do i change attributes on read only files or delete read only files

Thanks, but didn't work. These files are put in 7 different locations by a Latvian company trying to sell software and in read only attribute. I will try to take ownership of the files to see if that works as only file owners can change or delete. Also they put an icon on the task bar that doesn't ...

How do I know when Windows XP has finished booting and doing all its

Your mouse will be an hourglass while loading up your programs. Most computers also have a processing light. This light will light up (in most cases it will flicker on and off) while its processing. When this light stops coming on your comptuer is fully booted. You can speed up this boot time with ...

Whats the way to Get windows XP SP3 and what the Size of it?

Update: SP3 was just released. I just installed and so far so good. I believe the download size was 66mb, but it might have downloaded more data during the installation.