how do you abbreviate conservator?

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Answered: Rain water conservation

When caught out in a thunderstorm, never wring your clothes out over the toilet. Instead, wring them out over a large mixing container that you can buy at a box store- These are about $15.00 after tax. When the rain has stopped, you can take the container and add your collected water to that ...

Answered: What is the abbreviation for the word "interruption"?

I agree. Just spell out the word.

Answered: Abbreviations

Hi, try this site:

Answered: What is ging an abbreviation for

sounds like someone omitted the O in GoING

Answered: What is the word for the abbreviation of emps.

What context was it used in? It could be empires, electro-magnetic pulses, emphasis, or lots of other things.

Answered: What does the abbreviation CISU stand for?

CISU-Combat Information Systems Unit CISU-Corporate Information Security Unit
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To be a conservative you must: Have or be working on an earned degree in a discipline that benefits the nation and community. Have or commit to at least two years national service (Military, Peace Corps, Americorps, Community Food banks, volunteer with character building youth activity) etc ...

What is abbreviations vs. full words?

whn txtng u cn abbr. If you want to communicate clearly, use full words. There are some abbreviations that are commonly understood like FBI and DMV, but your grandmother may not understand LOL and WYSIWYG.

I need 10 samples of history demonstrating the violations of key rights

Why don't you do the grunt work on this, and we will pass on its accuracy.