how do we know a light bulb uses energy?

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Answered: New energy efficient light bulbs

You can use the light bulb 100 watt eei don't try to use incandecente ligth bulb 100 watt instead, because you will burn the light's wire power supply

Answered: Motion light

It's defiant. Take it back and tell them you want one that is compliant.

Answered: Is wattage directly cumulative in lighting?

The wattage would be identical but add the number of Lumens for each bulb to get the actual usable light output. Note that compact flourescents(CFL) and LED bulbs will produce more light than incandescents.

Answered: Do you feel that Compact Fluorescent light bulbs are worth the extra

I went out and spent big money switching over to flourescents. I never noticed any savings on my electric bill.

Answered: Where to buy a corso cmtu 13w bulb There are a variety of light bulbs
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