How do visitors look at Serpent Mound?

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Answered: What is the difference between a serpent and a snake?

It might depend on if you are talking about fiction or non-fiction. In stories and myths there is a broader definition such as sea serpents and dragons and things like that.But scientifically I think they are the same.

Answered: I am insecure about how I look, rate my description?

The shape of your face makes a difference. If it's too square or too thin, that's not as pretty as an oval. Your height and weight make a difference. You can be too fat or too thin; in your case, you might be too thin. I know some women who are just average in looks because they are too thin ...

Answered: I'm looking for a man name Murphy Dial from Anderson CA she 42

I found 13 people in Anderson CA with the last name Murphy.

Answered: What does a serpent mean

usually associated with evil, bad, sneekey, no good see Bible book of Genesis

Answered: I am insecure about how I look, rate me by my description?

No picture here kid. Your a child, your growing, your not fully developed yet. Give it time. All the beauties and good-looking guys get worse as years go by and those who were just so so turn out great. Just be the best you can be, accept yourself and others will accept you.
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