how do u pronounce legarrette blount?

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Answered: Pronouncing

I saw on another webpage it is "noo-o-veh-dee-va". It's Italian. I hope that is how it's pronounced or I sound like a dummy:)

Answered: Blounts Disease 9 Years Old Surgery?

I had surgery for Blounts disease 36 years ago. I also had pins and cast on both legs. I remember vividly when the pins were removed because they used what looked like a hand drill to remove them. I was terrified, but luckily for me it was painless. My right leg was 1 and 1/4 inches shorter than ...

Answered: Pronunciation of word

Mount Ontake: On - tah - keh

Answered: Pronounce Helena Montana

Funny that you asked that. I am watching TV and just heard a guy from there say he's from Helena, MT. Pronounced Hell-en-ah. I always thought (being from the East Coast) it was pronounced Hill-aine-ah. Emphasis on the second syllable. I guess he knows better than the two of us. Hell-en-ah ...

Answered: How to pronounce Tauck?

Tauck is pronounced like talk or tock or to rhyme with hawk.
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You pronounce it OK, the i in ki is long and sounds just like the letter i. We hear this on the news almost daily.

How to pronounce Heluva Good cheese

Hell of a good cheese.

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I am Stephen Meara-Blount. My CD's are available at There are just 2 at the moment, but a third is being compiled right now.

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