how do u fix too much wine in sauce?

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Answered: Flex holes fix

flex holes give you choices about where to put it

Answered: Where can i buy kens texas petal sauce

I don't know but here is the recipe: 1 cup mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons prepared horseradish, 2 tablespoons catsup , teaspoon paprika, teaspoon dry oregano, dash black pepper, dash cayenne to make Texas petal sauce

Answered: When i try to open a file it reads (SOMETHING WENT WRONG AND WORD WAS

Either it is not a Word file, or it has been corrupted, or your Word software isn't working. You can try rebooting Windows; that might fix Word. And you can try starting Word without opening that file; that will tell you whether Word is functioning. But it may be the wrong type of file, such as a ...

Answered: MaAfee shows its at risk, Can you help fix it

It might need a virus definition update (if you don't have it done automatically), or it might need a virus scan (if you don't have them scheduled at least once a week), or it could be failing to complete a scan. You need to open McAfee and look at its status messages.

Answered: I made home made wine this year and it was exellent now in the month of

You do not fix wine. It's either good or turned to vinegar. If it turned to vinegar from not storing it approx 40 degrees and in a dark place, than your next choise is to either use it as salad dressing with some oil or as a meat marinade.

Answered: What are the best wines in the world? I have been ...

I think the best wine is the Franch red wine .It is famous in the world.You can send a bottle to him,he wil like it very much.
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