how do u determine the age of your marlin lever action rifle?

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Answered: Stevens rifle lever action r71

I am trying to sell my Winchester 94 44 mag.; however, I do not know what to price it. It has never been fired and is still in the box in my safe. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Answered: Can you shoot the remington308 marlin express ammo in the 308 marlin

Yes, you can. In fact, Remington and Hornady are the only to companies who make that ammo. I think the whole idea is strange. The idea behind the cartridge was to give people who want to use a lever action rifle a cartridge that performs about the same as a standard .308 rifle cartridge. There ...

Answered: Which is the strongest .45-70 lever rifles?

It's probably a toss-up between a Savage model 99 and a Marlin 336. Either one is a strong, reliable rifle with an established record of great performance.

Answered: Where can I get proof test of marlin lever action Rifles

A proof test is pretty much a one shot deal. No pun intended. A proof load is loaded to generate more breech pressure than the firearm was designed to tolerate. If the barrel survives the proof test, it just passed the test. If it bulges, cracks, or shows any other sign of pressure damage, it's ...

Answered: How to lower the action on acoustic electric guitar when pickup in the

First, you need to check the neck of the guitar is straight. This is performed using the truss rod. The truss rod is not there to adjust the action! Take a look at our guide on how to adjust your truss rod - Once your neck is straight, then ...
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The sling might need adjusting to your arm length. Next time you sling the rifle, see if you are nudging the bolt open with your upper arm or elbow. This could also happen while you are carrying it slung. The easiest cure for that is to lengthen the sling until the bolt handle is just below your ...

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your rifle was made by mossberg original model number 340k check with numrich gun part's.

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