how do the majority of young children prefer to eat their jellybeans?

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Answered: I am finding it hard to reconcile my children's ...

You are the best model to your children and of course your home is best school and the best community they can mod themselves. Be a good example to your children and your home be a good responsible community to them.

Answered: Teaching Children to Eat Vegetables

I never force my children to eat anything they didnt like. and today they eat vriety of stuff. I think forcing children to eat is horrible. Children as children are dont like veggies, and when they get bigger and get better sense they try everything. why forcing? would you like someone to force yu ...

Answered: If you have children ages 6 and 8 and have only ...

I have found one of the best ways is to make fruit smoothies, and very slowly (very very slowly) over time ad in leafy greens. If you add too many greens too fast, they won’t drink it. Involving them in the kitchen to help you put cut up carrots, sweet peppers, celery, etc. onto plates and serve ...

Answered: How to get kids to eat their veggies?

Always good to start them young on healthy foods.. Sweet G 6/11

Answered: Do young children tend to play with kids of their own ethnicity?

I think it depends on the child as well as his parents and the environment in which he lives. My grandson is an only child (so far); he plays with any child who's willing regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.

Answered: Some say that kids shouldn't lift heavy weights when they are really

It is especially important that kids don't life maximum weights, as Contemplator said, because bones can suffer, especially while they're still in growing phase.
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1. Train a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. 2. When they do something wrong tell then "don't" means more than no, everyone uses that word, so don't becomes more important. 3. Spare not the rod and spoil the child, it's ok to spank your ...

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Because you cannot survive on just a high school education, Even the farmers that have been farming for years and years, have to go back and get a better education, Our family's dont make enough money anymore and the younger children dont even want to be farmers because of that, Education is the ...

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Over easy, omelets or scrambled in a bacon and egg sandwich.

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