How do the graphical and computer-based methods of solving LP problems differ?

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Answered: How to fix bad graphics after installing new ...

I think graphics are set to be affected by the hard drive. For more I would suggest:

Answered: Auto Shut Down of Computer

check your processor fan speed and also processor. Then fix the problem. Web Development Company Brisbane

Answered: Gateway computer problem

It could be that the monitor is turned off or unplugged, or broken. Or it could be the CPU or the power supply. If it was the hard drive, you would get an error message. The fan could be loud, or the disk could be loud, but that wouldn't stop it from displaying something.

Answered: Dear sir, My computer screen has turned upside down .Please help me to

Your monitor may have a problem. Send your monitor to the nearest computer service center to be fixed. Or you can buy a new monitor

Answered: What are three differences between bitmaps and vector drawings

Bitmaps lack anti-aliasing and scalability. That is, when you expand the size of a bitmap image, it substantially loses quality. Vectors include anti-aliasing data and are superb at scaling. When you expand the size, they maintain quality at virtually any size. Typical Bitmap formats: GIF, JPG ...
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this could be your computer screen ,cable,video card i would 1st check this out b putting your sceen on another computer or another screen on your computer just to make sure that it is your graphics card. do you have abuild in graphic card or is it an additional broad ? some are build onto your ...

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