how do rabbits affect the ecosystem?

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Answered: Do rabbits make good pets?

Hi, Rabbits make wonderful pets, and can be very sweet and affectionate if you give them the attention they need. They shouldn't just be left in their cage everyday. They need excercise and attention like any other animal. I would also suggest to get the bunny "fixed" as well, as males may spray ...

Answered: What is a lemur

A cute primate that lives in Madagascar.

Answered: Jack Rabbit and Hare

Hares are a different species of mammal entirely in their shape and behaviour, whereas rabbits are the same as bunnies, they mean the same animal species.

Answered: How many people own indoor rabbits and are they ...

Our rabbits run free in the house and as long as you rabbit proof the area they are in it is fine. You need to either put protectors on cords or have them up where the bun's can't reach. You also need to give them things they enjoy chewing on or relax your standards for things having sharp corners ...

Answered: Will my rabbit ever stop crying?!?!

Hi, I'm a rabbit breeder of 21 years and I have a couple questions. First off the term "crying" are you referring to physical tears? or an audible sound? If it's audible is there a chance it's a grunting? If it's physical tears then your rabbit could have weepy eye or an allergy to something new ...
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What?! Affects living parts? Slap my ass and call me Zoie! Who affects living parts these days?

How the ecosystem affects species diversity?

The more favorable the ecosystem, the higher the diversity in the population of species. For example, the most diverse ecosystem is the tropical rainforest because it has a conducive environment such as having more or enough rainwater, sun light, trees, and so on, that could support wide array of ...

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Or possibly a bit longer.

My Rabbit is scared to breed!

Why are you even trying to breed your rabbit when there are already thousands of neglected and abandoned rabbits in bursting-at-the-seams rescue centres all ove r the country? Get the little thing neutered and do her-and her babies - a favour.