how do one's senses influence one's perceptions?

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Answered: What is perceptions

I always recall a story which has helped me regarding perception. A man was on the subway with his rowdy children. They were really annoying the other riders, and finally one of them asked the man if he would please control his children. The man/father was unaware of how they had been acting and ...

Answered: What is social perception

Social perception is the process of forming impressions of individuals. The resulting impressions that we form are based off of information available in the environment, our previous attitudes about relevant stimuli, and our current mood. Humans tend to operate under certain biases when forming ...

Answered: Is there any way to develop the sixth sense?

We can work to develop our sixth sense. Our senses have dulled in modern society so we do have to work to keep them keen. The first step in any exercise program (including developing your brain or senses) is repetition. We must condition ourselves to stay in tune with what we can see and what we ...

Answered: What would cause a person to lose their sense of smell?

Another cause not listed is damage/severed olfactory nevers commonly caused by a head injury

Answered: Depth perception

thanks, i"ll start with this. as u probably know there r many problems with understanding depth in a Flir image, and today there r some differnet solutions that helps us understand the information in the FLIR image, such as augmented reality. i am looking for information about these solutions and ...
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Thank you for your answer. However, I don't think that they carry training videos. Other problem is that I don't have the name. I will check on NetFlix but I don't think I will find it there either but it is worth a try!

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