how do i unsubscribe to yidio?

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Answered: Unsubscribe

Face removed.

Answered: Unsubscribing

I need to unsubscribe ( )

Answered: How do I unsubscribe from this???

messed up. Just want to unsubscribe from aol and aim period.

Answered: Where is the Unsubscribe option?

If you go to My Settings, then go to Invitations and Notifications. Once there, on the first section choose No Thanks, then uncheck every box on the second section then save. That will stop the emails and is the closest I can find to unsubscribing. Hope This Helps.

Answered: Hoe do i unsubscribe from tedda

Click on the "My Settings" link then "Notifications". There you can turn off e-mail notices.
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How the heck do you unsubscribe to this thing?

Hi Assuming you're talking about Yedda, the easiest way is for you to go to your settings and change your notifications. Or you can send a feedback, and ask to be unsubscribed. I'll suspend this user. Please write to me directly: if there is anything else I can do for you ...

Unsubscribe please


How do I Unsubscribe

From Yedda? You must make your request directly to Yedda staff. Use the 'Feedback' link you will find at the upper right hand corner of your screen. When the page loads, select the appropriate topic from the pull down menu and then type your request in the accompanying text box. (It is always ...