how do i unsubscribe to groupon?

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Answered: Unsubscribe

Face removed.

Answered: Unsubscribing

I need to unsubscribe ( )

Answered: Groupons how to roll a groupon

Save your money and offer your own Groupon-style deal with the help of your existing customers. Who knows best who the next best customer (prospect) is for your business? It's your current customers. Offer them an incentive--such as a great discount--to refer their family, friends, and colleagues to ...

Answered: How do I unsubscribe from this???

messed up. Just want to unsubscribe from aol and aim period.
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Go to the top of your profile page and click onto My Settings than click onto Invitations and Notifications you will see where it says deactivate my account.

Do you use Groupon?

yes i deal with groupon and obviously it is very helpful.It brings you new information.Also i get information about groupon from the site You can also try this.

How do I unsubscribe from your website?????

Iam referring to

How the heck do you unsubscribe to this thing?

Hi Assuming you're talking about Yedda, the easiest way is for you to go to your settings and change your notifications. Or you can send a feedback, and ask to be unsubscribed. I'll suspend this user. Please write to me directly: if there is anything else I can do for you ...