How do I unsubscribe from Godvine on Facebook?

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Answered: I'm trying to get out of 'facebook'.I was told it ...

And secondly we have no idea what your password is. Why are you asking us?

Answered: Facebook problem ex husband took over my facebook ...

Facebook? The only people who go there need to rub lotion into their lobotomy scars. Now go turn on the television and watch Barney and Fiends (or was that friends?) No, I was right the first time . . . FIENDS!

Answered: Unsubscribe

Face removed.

Answered: Facebook problem!!

It is a must to have a phone number to verify your Facebook account. You can take your friends phone number to verify your Facebook account.

Answered: Unsubscribing

I need to unsubscribe ( )

Answered: If you’re in a special group on facebook and one of the members has

No you can't see him in the search or either in group or mutual friends of others. Facebook make them invisible to you, know who has blocked you in Facebook and other Facebook features and pranks on my blog. Facebook smiley and security
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How do i unsubscribe from yedda?

thanks so much! jon

Where is the Unsubscribe option?

If you go to My Settings, then go to Invitations and Notifications. Once there, on the first section choose No Thanks, then uncheck every box on the second section then save. That will stop the emails and is the closest I can find to unsubscribing. Hope This Helps.

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Click on the "My Settings" link then "Notifications". There you can turn off e-mail notices.

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There is no reason to risk the tons of viruses that roam on Facebook.