How do I unjam my hp 6500 officejet printer when I tried to copy paper it jammed?

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Answered: My HP 310a will not print

Power input option or otherwise check the manual of the printer for the power option or working tips.

Answered: How do you print on colored paper using a deskjet hp printer M. #6122

simple, instead of using white paper, insert a colored paper in your desk jet HP printer .

Answered: My HP Officejet Printer 6500 Wireless will not ...

If you want to know about this problem than visit our site and have the solution and apart from than just have a look the best printers available at cheap prices with more functions than the normal printers do than visit on lpfrg. Buy 3D Printers

Answered: Uninstall offiejet 6500 and replace with officejet 6500A

Simply go to your Add/Remove in Control Panel....remove it....then run CCleaner Registry Fix....then install the new one...

Answered: New Hp printer wireless 6500 and have a printer ...

what were you trying to do when you got the error? Install the printer? Print a document? etc. Did you go to the hp website ( ) and follow their instructions? You can chat online with a tech support person and it shouldn't take very long. No ...

Answered: How to open HP printer 1000 J11Oa - paper jam

first open the door of the paper, if you can pull it out slowly do so. it not, open the backdoor of the printer then pull out slowly the paper, be careful not to rip the paper canon ink cartridges
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Printer problem

if this problem has persised across a cartridge replacement, i would try removing the printer and then reinstalling it with the latest drivers from the manufactuerer.

Hp officejet 6500 has stopped printing web pages

Is the printer showing a message like out of ink or out of paper? Or is the printer turned off? Will it print a plain text file? If not, your computer is not communicating with the printer. Or maybe you set the paper size to photo paper. Is it a problem with printing wirelessly from a computer ...

HP 5610 slow printing

I have a basic hp 6500 printer. How do i use scan feature to transfer

Open word - insert - file from camera or scanner and proceed to normal scanning