how do i turn on audio on my ipod touch without the headphones?

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Answered: IPod headphone buying........???

Many great headphones are available on the market, but only a few work well with iPods. Great iPod headphones should have these qualities: • Easy to drive • Stylish • Retains portability • Can take abuse • Sound Quality • Comfortable • In-line controls ...

Answered: Accepted Solution Can I get a Refund for My iPod Touch 32GB

The more I think about it, there should be no trouble as long as all packaging is there intact..

Answered: Headphones

Yes you can

Answered: How long will it take a ipod touch 4g 32gb to ship if i buy it today (on

Hi Camelia, Just checking to see if you had heard anything about your iPod, most dealers are honest and you should have no problems... Sweet G

Answered: I need AIM for ipod Touch 2nd generation. The one on my computer has been

You should be able to download the AIM app to your iPod Touch. Please refer to the information in the articles below, depending on what version you are using. AIM Apps

Answered: Better deal ipod touch/classic

No doubt that the ipod touch is the best. You can call through it, play games, video and music. You can find the best deals in Amazon or The Ipod Spot. iPod Touch Generations
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Aol Ipod Touch

I don't have and Ipod Touch, so I do not have any clue. Sorry.

Ipod touch 4th generation (delete audio book)I ...

books from the library from what I understand are only good for a couple of weeks and then they disappear. To remove something off your iPod then go to iTunes and delete your book.


Sounds like there is a problem. You might be better off just buying new headphones rather than trying to fix the ones you have now.

Ipod touch 8g

Honestly, you might have been screwed. You might want to take your ipod into an apple store and see what they have to say. It might be as simple as having to update the itunes on your computer. Good luck!