How do I turn off afm with flashpaq 2865?

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Answered: How do I turn off my PC?

I don't know. Why should I know how you turn your PC off? Me? I do it from the start menu or press the power button on the tower.

Answered: Why are my lips turning white

Unless you are Michael Jackson, Well, nevermind, he's dead now, you have nothing to worry about. Maybe your lipstick is coming off? Do you think that you might be able to give us a bit more information?

Answered: Who turned all he touched to gold?

Midas (Known as Midas Touch) Source:

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Easy questions get quick answers. Yours is not a Wikipedia question. An attorney might turn you down if they don't think you have a good case, or if it is outside their experience. They might turn you down if you don't have a doctor who would testify that it is malpractice. Or they might turn ...
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