how do I take apart an intex above ground pool?

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Answered: Sinking post on above ground pool

Your above ground pool should have paving stones underneath it to hold the outside pool wall in place and keep it from sinking. If you do not have these stones in place, you need to drain your entire pool and put them in place or you will continue having this problem. This page will tell you how ...

Answered: Who owns Palm Bay Apartments?

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Answered: Who is looking for apartment to rent in trenton nj

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Answered: Why bulge in my above ground pool.

If you have a bulge in your above ground pool , it sounds like water has gotten between the liner and the pool wall. You will need to drain the pool, get your liner back on track, and then refill your pool as quickly as possible.

Answered: Nothing wrong with my Intex 56635 pool pump. I do ...

You can find replacement parts for pool pumps online. Try the link above. They have a whole section dedicated to pool pump parts.
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You might think that a tarp would be cheaper than an actual swimming pool cover , however, you may be suprised at the cost and how economical they really are. Just in case you were trying to save money by using a tarp.

When vacuuming the pool why is dirty water returned into pool

If pool cleaners are functioning properly, the dirty water should be routed to your pool's filter and the clean water should be returned to your pool through the return lines. If dirty water is coming from the cleaner back to your pool, you need to either repair your filter or get a new pool ...

I am thinking of having a pool installed in my ...

I happen to be a fan of an above ground pool . They are much cheaper to buy, install, and maintain. Modern above ground pools are very nice and you can find ones that are quite large. With an above ground pool, you have the concenience of a back yard pool, but they are much easier to take down if ...

I have an above ground swimming pool with a split ...

With most above ground pools , you cannot buy replacement sections of the metal outside wall. You might want to contact the manufacturer of your pool to be sure that they do not see them. If it is a small split, you should be able to patch it with a sealant. The liner will keep the water from ...