how do I take a picture with my IPad mini?

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Answered: How to transfer pictures from USB tomy IPAD mini?

First of all, store the pics in a new folder on your PC. Then connect your iPad mini to the PC with a cable, drag and drop the folder to iTunes library. Sync iPad mini with iTunes. BTW, you can also transfer media files among iOS devices, iTunes and PC with iTransfer tool: ...

Answered: How to transfer pictures from USB tomy IPAD mini?

iTunes is application which people use to make backup of data within iPad mini device. In order of such files only get transfer from iPad mini to system only. But in order to make restoring of data, iTunes fails. Hence, to make backup process completely done with restoring features, users are ...

Answered: Where can i find free hd wallpapers for my ipad?

You can try this site ...... Here have awesome hd wallpapers

Answered: I am dying to get an iPad. However, the price is ...

I am surprised to see people are still bothering ipad when many other quality tablet Pcs are available in the market at a cheap cost. Android is far better than iphone every thing including finest apps are available on Android i was using ipad but i seriously realized Apple is not that charismatic ...

Answered: How to buy magazines for my ipad mini

Search on Google hope you will know.

Answered: Where I find decent backgrounds and wallpaper for my ipad 3?

Have you tried any of the godzillion sites on the net that offer these things? Maybe search on Google? Making them yourself? Using your brain?
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I would like to buy a mini computer for my ...

What ever you do do not buy an Acer netbook im always fixing them, a really good net book is the Samsung NC10 its been round a little bit so chances are you will get a good deal on one, there a link at bottom of page reviewing one. I would also buy a wireless mouse to go with it because what ever ...

How to download free apps on apple ipad mini?

you can check the apps store, i think there is an icon there on where you can download free apps. free mobile mesagging app

I want to know how can i use ipad?

Here is some tips and apps you can use ,very helpful and meaningful

How to transfer music to mini ipad with itunes?

With iPad Magic, you can transfer photos, videos, music, books, etc. between iPad, iTunes and computer at ease. Moreover, it also enables you to convert audio and video files, rip CD and DVD discs, download online videos, make ringtones and more. Also, it works well on iOS 7 and iTunes 11. http ...