how do I take a picture with my IPad mini?

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Answered: IPad mini freezing and icons turning black and white

Most probably it is because something happened to the main board of the iPad. It is better if you give it to a professional rather than trying to fix it by yourself, because Apple products are very complex to handle. Some repair centers have Apple certified technicians to deal with Apple products ...

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Answered: Mini ipad

ipad in amazon

Answered: How to replace mini lights on tree top

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Answered: How to transfer pictures from USB tomy IPAD mini?

iTunes is application which people use to make backup of data within iPad mini device. In order of such files only get transfer from iPad mini to system only. But in order to make restoring of data, iTunes fails. Hence, to make backup process completely done with restoring features, users are ...

Answered: How to transfer pictures from USB tomy IPAD mini?

First of all, store the pics in a new folder on your PC. Then connect your iPad mini to the PC with a cable, drag and drop the folder to iTunes library. Sync iPad mini with iTunes. BTW, you can also transfer media files among iOS devices, iTunes and PC with iTransfer tool: ...
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