how do i submit public notice to newspaper?

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Answered: Arab Newspapers in Israel

Thanks for your help!

Answered: What is the most important piece of news you´ve read in the

The most exciting news to me was hearing that Barak Obama was running for president. I have been hoping for a long time that he would, even since I heard him speak at my university for a Save Darfur rally. I think he really brings hope to the country.

Answered: Death Notices Click on the Obituary in the left column. He is there.

Answered: Grandparents didn't know

i would not think you could sue the paper. my daughter had a baby, and the way her announcement went in was from what was given to the paper by the hospital.i would go or call the hospital and ask them where they got their info from.good luck

Answered: How to treat pedophiles seeking services that the public receives

Another day and night of Rocmike the insane lonely porn posting schizo doing nothing but posting. He has posted under his aliases Yedja, Philo Manke, Physicist, Snicker anonymous and anonymous. He has put up hours and hours of his sick disturbing gay poop porn. Where are Rocmike's cartoons since he ...
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Who wrote the newspaper column

Nancy Stahl. I didn't find much about her on the web, other than she wrote a couple of books. (long out-of-print, but you may find used copies on Amazon or eBay) Most info on the web is about Nancy Stahl, the artist.

Is there a process for directly submitting articles to "Reader's Digest

I haven't read an issue in several years, but as I recall, there were several sections in the magazine which told you how and where to submit material. I don't know if RD has a website, but if they do, it's likely they'll have submission information on the site.

Public Relations

PR is a the art of creating goodwill about the company among the public through non paid forms of communications like online promotions, press releases and campaigns. They also help in maintaining mutual understanding between the firm and public. For more detailed view.refer: http://www ...

Which sites you submit your articles to? I know that EzineArticles and

No doubt that above two site are more popular for submission of articles. But There are other sites also like