How do i submit a story idea for dateline?

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Answered: This mother story needs to be HEARD....

1. Not one word of that leftist paranoid tear jerk lie checked out. 2. Only a leftist would be stupid enough to prate such obvious and stupid lies. Typical leftists are all so boring.

Answered: Help please... I need ideas and stories A.S.A.P. Thanks :)

hi, thank for letter thanks from bottom of my heart. if you want writer dont think but look in of you. write a bout Gate of tears or Wombs for rent

Answered: Which sites you submit your articles to? I know that EzineArticles and

No doubt that above two site are more popular for submission of articles. But There are other sites also like

Answered: Christmas ideas??????

Something such as lotion, perfume, body wash, at Bath and Body Works.

Answered: I am looking for follow up email marketing ideas.

there are lots of email marketing tips available online and you can make use of those tips for you...
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Here is the web site for the Thruway. There is a link where it says Customer Service. I would start here.

I Need Boy/Girl Name Suggestions For A Story I'm Writing. Any Ideas?

Wow I can not believe a writer is lacking of idea about the names but he got nice story to writer. Anyway, let me suggest Marlyn for your story character.

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