how do i stop my mouse from freezing on my computer?

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Answered: My laptop had some freezing issues before, but ...

BSOD generally appears due to installation of outdated or corrupt drivers or corrupt Windows registry. Updating the drivers and repairing registry errors may resolve the BSOD problem.

Answered: Why is this computer keep freezing up slowing down ...

Most of the time, PC freezes & runs slow by lots of reasons. Corrupt registry, unnecessary applications, too many start-up items as well as virus infection would be the major reasons contributing to this problem. Many PC users simply utilize PC yet never consider how to maintain and optimize PC ...

Answered: How do you stop booting wh

If your computer keeps rebooting by itself, it may be overheating. That could be due to a failure of the CPU fan, which is not hard to replace. You may want to download a program like Everest computer diagnostics to check CPU temperature, and perhaps it will report fan speed.

Answered: How to stop eviction proceedings from my House in Suffolk county after

In order to stop your eviction you need to file a "motion to quash" which is saying that they didn't serve you the notice according to the law. I do not practice law in NY. Be aware that it will only by you a little bit of time because there will be a little delay prior to the hearing where the ...

Answered: Mouse freeze problem with wide screen LCD

I replaced the mouse and everything works now. I had an optical mouse that caused the problem, and i now with a regular ball-roller mouse I don't have any problems. Thanks for everyone for your efforts!
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I suspect that you have a computer virus. You may install a reputable antivirus and conduct virus scan. For a thorough process, can help you configure computer settings to fix security breaches.

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If you go to You can sign up for a free account , And they can actually help you to block certain websites that cause the issue with advertisements in emails.. You don't need to use their dns servers to obtain other free services that they ...