how do i stop my farts from stinking?

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Answered: How do I make my farts cleaner and smell-free?

You could start by changing your underwear occasionally.

Answered: Would giving dogs an enema wash through a hose, cause their farts to no

Diet is a big part of dogs having gas. If you feed them only a top grade of dried dog food, and don't give them any canned food or prepared snacks (like imitation bacon, slim jims, what have you) it will help a lot. I wouldn't try giving your dog GasX or Beano without consulting with a ...

Answered: How do you stop farting?

Try Gas-X or Beano. You can get it over the counter at any pharmacy and at lots of grocery stores.

Answered: Fart

well you could be causing nerve damage when your cheeks are slapping together that hurts!

Answered: Stop all ads

No i did not find an answer!!
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