how do I solve for n in literal equation s = n/n+1?

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Answered: I need help solving

Janet, you have to work from the inside first. (1-1/10) = (9/10). Then 1/(9/10) = 10/9. Then 10/9-1 = 1/9. Then 3 times 1/9 = 1/3. Spongebob, you can't solve that by factoring into 5 and 29. You can use the quadratic formula to get answers close to 13.6 and -10.6.

Answered: Step by step solve this

Even if you assume the missing operator is + (because - shows correctly), the coordinates do not match the equations.

Answered: 1.) Solve the equation (y – 4) (y – 3) = 0 y = ...

1. 4, 3 2. 4, -1/2 3. 4, -4 4. -8, -5 5. -3, 1/2 6. The question is not clear

Answered: Help!

Hi Briana, ------ Something is wrong here: If 2y=1 than y=1/2 on the other hand 8y-3=5 that means 8y=8 and y=1 contradicting the other result….. Please clearify. -------- Best regards,

Answered: Refund for 3 liter poland spring water

I'm almost positive they have supermarkets in NY.

Answered: Balance the following equations: 1. __Ca + ...

Hi Shannon, 1. 1 2 1 1 2. 3 2 1 3. 1 8 5 6 4. 4 1 1 2 Best regards,
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