how do i solve double vision flashback in mah jong quest 3?

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Answered: Looking for Mah Jong set

Try the American Mah-Jongg Association.. they have a lot of great sets

Answered: Where do I go?-Mah Jong

Visit the American Mah-Jongg Association.. They have tons of tournaments every year. The address is

Answered: Learn to play Mah Jong

Try the American Mah-Jongg Association.. They could help you out!

Answered: Double vision

This is normally caused by blood pressure changes causing a weakness in your eye muscles (in the lenses and those surrouning the eye) to be highlighted. In people with healthy eyes various things can cause the eyeballs to lose focus and become distorted but the eye adjusts using a variety of muscles ...

Answered: Double vision problem.

If he's experiencing pain, contact another doctor. Otherwise, I'd wait.

Answered: Vision problems. I am seeing double vision. when I ...

is it from 1 eye or both eyes? do you wear contacts? did ur eyes got red lately? thats what i need to know. from what i can tell it migth be keratitis which is a bacteria, might wanna clean up that keyboard :) do not rub your eyes. also go get it checked, 24 to 48 hours to damage ur cornea ...
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Eye exercises are not for everyone and if they do help they become effective after a fairly long period of exercising. You should consult your ophthalmologist if they can help you and whether glasses could be more effective.

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