how do i shock nightcrawlers from the ground?

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Answered: Nightcrawlers food

Food for night crawlers consists of many kinds of organic matter. They eat plant tissue (dead leaves and other plant debris), soil micro-organisms (protozoa, nematodes, bacteria, fungi, etc.), and the remains of larger dead animals. They feed by swallowing organic matter or bits of soil containing ...

Answered: Received an Electric Shock

From what I know there isn't any specialty that deals with such cases exclusively. It is usually something dealt with in the ER. I would ask your doctor if he can recommend someone with a lot of experience in this field. Maybe he knows someone who has more experience in this field.

Answered: What are the different kinds of shock absorbers and what kind of waves

Me too i dont get the question, all i know there are Truck Shock Absorbers mostly for vihicles, some are use for earthquakes and i dont know what does he mean by waves. :)

Answered: How to reduce static shock?

How to eliminate static electricity hazards to human health, the following method is simple, give it a try: 1. Indoor air humidity below 30%, the static friction help, hence the temperature increased to 45%, static electricity generated difficult. Therefore, the low humidity weather occurs, we might ...

Answered: Wave Shock

The effect of extracorporeal shock-wave application (ESWA) on normal bone physiology of rabbits were tested in a recent study. They received 1500 shock wave pulses on the left or right femer or remained untested (the control group). Ten days after the shock waves the rabbits displayed that their ...
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