How do i repost a message as my status on facebook?

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Answered: Why can I see the message status on an email I received but cannot see

We are currently in the process of migrating our email accounts to a new server. For a short time, those that are on the new server will not be able to see the status of emails sent to those on the old server, and vice-versa. You can, however, still see the status of emails sent to users on the ...

Answered: Sent Message Status

The received message has not yet been read.

Answered: What does "currently unavailable" for message status mean?

We hope that AOL comes up with a solution on this soon. Thanks, Bob

Answered: Facebook problem!!

It is a must to have a phone number to verify your Facebook account. You can take your friends phone number to verify your Facebook account.

Answered: What does currently unavailable mean in show message status?

I always assumed it was unread without any action taken to it. I recently got "never read" so I now think that maybe they your receiver hasn't logged in yet.

Answered: Answer to the message status problem has been same for months!!! WHEN

No matter when you ask this question the answer is ALWAYS the same! I wonder why everytime AOL decides to "fix" or "improve" something, the users suffer while they hide behind some pat answer that is never true! Trying to make sure all my contacts start using my new gmail address. Enough of ...
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When I check message status after sending an email it tells me the status

I have been fighting this issue with AOL for 3-4 months. All I've been told is that they are working on it and it doesn't affect every AOL user. So what gives with those that it does affect? I did a live chat today and told them that it was unacceptable for a company such as AOL to have a problem ...

Message Status

No, that is not correct. I am getting "internet" when I send to other AOL members too. This was about the only reason I was sticking with AOL for my email because I like this feature. If they are taking it away there is no reason to stick with AOL anymore.

If you’re in a special group on facebook and one of the members has

No you can't see him in the search or either in group or mutual friends of others. Facebook make them invisible to you, know who has blocked you in Facebook and other Facebook features and pranks on my blog. Facebook smiley and security

Why do I keep getting an error message

Why do I keep getting an error message "we encountered a technical issue, please try again later" when trying to send an email with photos? It takes a long time to send before displaying the error message? I'm using the latest version of AOL.